Application documents

Application documents

Personal in the curriculum vitae

In the next few weeks, we want to go through the individual sections of the speculative application with you step by step. We will start with the CV, move on to the cover letter and then on to the cover sheet, qualifications profile and overview of certificates. Join us, find out more and feel free to ask questions about each topic. Today we'll look at the "Personal" or "Personal Data" section. This information is usually the first thing to be found high up in the CV. "Personal" - this is, for example, your contact details. You might get the idea that d   . . . > > >

Writing the perfect application - how does it work?

You can get any job with a perfect application! Is that true? We simply question this thesis. The perfect application In our opinion, there is no such thing as the perfect application or speculative application. Why is that? Quite simply: many job applications are still read by people. And every personnel manager focuses on different things. While some companies now dispense with the cover letter altogether, others want to include a meaningful letter of motivation in the documents. Then there are mostly large companies that use AI (artificial intelligence) for the first sifting.   . . . > > >

Formulation aids for cover letters

What probably annoys every personnel manager are phrases and formulations that can be found again and again in the cover letter of many applicants. It starts with the introduction, usually in the first sentence. "I hereby apply for....." This is the worst possible way to start the cover letter. Most of the time, the subject already says "Unsolicited application as..." or "Application for the position as.....". In our example, the subject is only interrupted by the salutation. Does that make sense? It is logical that you are applying for a job and the recipient has no idea what position you are aiming for.   . . . > > >

The visual design of your application portfolio

Your application file is the first thing a recruiter sees of you and your work. Regardless of whether you send your job application by post as a regular application folder or whether you send it via the Internet, it always includes the cover letter and CV. The cover sheet and other attachments are optional. Of course, it is the facts and qualifications that will ultimately determine whether or not you will receive an invitation to an interview through your portfolio. "The eye eats with you!", this wisdom from the culinary arts.   . . . > > >

Is there a right to return the application documents?

The creation of an application portfolio causes costs and a lot of effort. Does an employer have to return this portfolio to the sender?
The creation of an application portfolio causes costs and a lot of effort. Does an employer have to return this portfolio to the sender? Or can one assume that the application will not be returned if it is rejected?   . . . > > >

Guerrilla application - creative or counterproductive?

With a job application you want to achieve something - your new job. For that, you need to advertise! This can be achieved by various means.
How do you design your speculative application documents? Do you simply line up the facts or do you also think about how to present the documents most advantageously?   . . . > > >

The right formulation of your qualification profile

The right formulation of your qualification profile
Of course, you know exactly what you can do and what your professional skills and qualifications are. In your speculative application, you therefore want to convey all this and present yourself from your best side. But what is the best way to do that? The first tendency when writing a job application is usually to pack all the hard and soft skills into the cover letter. This is not advisable, because such a cover letter should   . . . > > >

The certificate overview for the i-application - formulation aids

We explain why you should create a testimonial overview for your intiative application and how it is structured. What do you need to consider?
You have often read about a certificate overview, but don't really know what it is and what it is for? We explain to you how best to formulate such a certificate overview and what to avoid. The first thing you need to do, of course, is to compile all your documents, such as references, certificates and training confirmations, and save them as a pdf on your computer. The purpose of the certificate overview : "Time is money", this is often true for personnel managers. So you should   . . . > > >

Tips for designing the cover sheet for a speculative application

Tips for designing the cover sheet for a speculative application
When you create your speculative application, you will probably think first and foremost about how you will formulate the cover letter and create the CV. But there is more you can do! Would you rather leave your application to professionals?[Contact us]([!]( One page of the unsolicited application that is not formally required is the cover page. It is not required by personnel managers,    . . . > > >

Formulation Cover Letter for i-Application

How do I formulate the cover letter for the speculative application?
The cover letter for a job application is a recurring topic of enquiries from our clients. What do I write? How do I formulate the cover letter? How long should it be and how should it be structured? We would be happy to discuss this topic again at this point. Form and structure of the cover letter   . . . > > >

Apprenticeship application

What do you have to consider when looking for an apprenticeship?
The end of school is in sight, and after graduation the best possible training should follow. Many young people think that they have endless time to look for an apprenticeship. But that is not the case! Large companies in particular look for trainees long before the start of the apprenticeship year. Did you know that the application phase begins several months before the start of the apprenticeship year?   . . . > > >

The certificate overview for the speculative application

Tips for creating a certificate overview
What is a certificate overview and what is it for? You probably always wonder about the mountains of paper and documents that accumulate in your private life. Some people stuff all the papers into drawers and start searching laboriously when they need something. Others are quite orderly and file everything in a folder. Most of us are somewhere in between. In most companies, this flood of paper is reduced and much is stored digitally. A digital application must not exceed a certain size. Our team knows why - [we    . . . > > >

Design of the application

Design of the application: Creative or conservative?
The aim of an application is to attract attention and, in the best case, to be remembered positively. Should you be particularly creative in the design of your application? Or is it better to stick to the traditional? You could say, "A little creativity is good, but you shouldn't overdo it." Of course, as with everything in life, there are exceptions. If you are applying for artistic, fashionable and creative professions, you are welcome to make your application fancy and eye-catching. Here, the subject of the design and the aspired dream job should be possible.   . . . > > >

Compilation of application documents

What belongs in an application portfolio?
With an application you present your professional career, your skills and experience, in short: you present yourself! In short: you present yourself! An application can certainly be seen as a first first sample of your work. It stands to reason that you will put a lot of effort and care into putting it together. How do you build   . . . > > >

The 3 most important application forms

Are you looking for a new job? So you compile your documents (references, certificates, other attestations), have a favourable application photo taken and formulate the cover letter and CV. If necessary, create a cover sheet and a qualification profile, copy everything and save all the data on your computer. Now begins for you   . . . > > >

Breaks in the curriculum vitae

The curriculum vitae is arranged chronologically. That's where gaps stand out. How do you explain gaps in your CV?
Your life has had ups and downs? Things didn't always go smoothly and you had to bury some dreams? Not exceptionally, because everyone of us experiences that. No one is only on the sunny side of life and it is precisely the little rough edges that make us unique and are part of our personality. You are looking for a job and are browsing through the job offers and discover the job of your dreams. To apply, you need an application portfolio and it should be as perfect as possible. We optimise your application documents, bev   . . . > > >

Create cover letter for application

The cover letter for the application can be considered as a first work sample
As we all know, you only get one chance to make a (good) first impression. This is true not only when you meet someone in person for the first time in your life, but also for your job application. With your cover letter for your application, you have the chance that the personnel manager will at least remember you favourably. Better still, that he or she wants to get to know you! The structure   . . . > > >

Selfie as application photo

Can and should you use selfies to apply for jobs?
Everywhere you go you meet people who are taking a selfie. Self-portraits are taken with the smartphone with the arm stretched out wide or with the help of a selfie stick. Almost everyone takes them, social networks without selfies are almost unthinkable. Can you also use a selfie for a job application? The idea Imagine you are sitting on the bus and you find a company on the internet to which you would like to send your speculative application. You are the type who   . . . > > >
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