Job and more - Column

Job and more - Column

Friday Pleasures IPSER- Designing a Home Office

How excited I was when I finally found my new job. Apart from a small mishap on my first day at work, I felt comfortable in my new job. My colleagues were nice, the boss was completely okay and I really enjoyed the tasks I had. However, I had been just as unprepared - as many of us - for the fact that I would have to move my workplace home. Home office - I had already dreamt about it and thought about the pleasant aspects. Advantages of a home office I quickly had a list of the advantages of the H   . . . > > >

Friday Pleasures IPSER - Dress Code

It is every woman's (night)dream to spend the first day in a new job with a stained blouse. But - everything in life has its good points. So I knew right at the beginning how to roughly assess some of my colleagues. While I was waiting for my boss to pick me up from my waiting position, a few ladies crossed my path. First came colleague "Oh dear, that's not possible at all". She greeted me a little from above and her gaze remained fascinated by the coffee stain on my blouse. Her put-on smile did not reach her eyes. Skilfully she plucked   . . . > > >

Friday Pleasures IPSER - The First Day

Now the time has finally come! My first working day in my new job is coming up. When I told you about it last week, I was totally euphoric. But the closer the first day gets, the more uncertain I become. What should I wear? Hopefully I won't be late for some reason. Hopefully my new colleagues will be friendly and I will enjoy my work. Optimally, I will even enjoy it. When I told my girlfriend about the collaboration with IPSER and the resulting results, she congratulated me and was proud of me for having d   . . . > > >

Wednesday IPSER fact sheet - What is burnout?

Today we are dealing with a syndrome that has become very common in working life. On the one hand, there is the so-called "burnout syndrome". Literally translated, it means "being burnt out". It is actually quite simple to understand. A syndrome is the combination of various signs of illness. Even though burnout syndrome is now widespread, it is not (yet) a recognised medical diagnosis and there is no uniform method of treatment. Both psychological and physical symptoms occur in this syndrome. This syndrome occurs most frequently in occupational groups.   . . . > > >

Friday Delights IPSER: Difficult Decision - Pros and Cons

Do you know this too? That you just can't make up your mind? After my frustration with my own speculative applications, I actually wanted to resign and stick with my current job. Although I didn't feel comfortable there and went to the office every morning with a stomachache. My friend had called on Tuesday and wanted to know if I had started my cooperation with IPSER. I had to confess that I had done nothing. "I'll wait until the end of the week for your feedback. Then I want to hear from you that you have finally done something!" What was left for me a   . . . > > >

Friday Delights IPSER: New start or standstill?

My husband and I had made a bet. If I didn't find a new job with my speculative applications, he would have to take care of our laundry for a month. If I did, I would be lucky enough to watch every football match with him. I had sent out a total of 23 speculative applications and put some effort into it. Now I had to wait and see. A short time later, I had several replies in my e-mail box. I was eager to receive them. Unfortunately, they were only automatic replies. Well, better than nothing. After two weeks I was able to send a first bilan   . . . > > >

Wednesday fact sheet IPSER - On sport and the inner pig dog

As we have already mentioned, sport is an essential part of a healthy work-life balance. But we all know it - our inner pig. For some it is easier and for others more difficult to overcome. But no matter how easy or difficult it is - you should definitely put it in a headlock and fight it. Everyone knows how important exercise is for health. What not everyone knows, however, is that "sport" is not just sport. Sporty people may go to the gym three or more times a week. But what if I have a pre-existing health condition?   . . . > > >

Friday Pleasures IPSER - Just take the initiative!

So my efforts to find a new job continued. After my husband had raved so much about the speculative application, I naturally had to find out the next day what exactly it was all about and what was important or different from "normal" applications. Sure, my husband wanted to explain to me exactly what a speculative application is, but I didn't want to look completely stupid and at least have something to say. Usually we only find time to talk about all sorts of things in the evening. Every parent knows that you can't really talk until the evening.   . . . > > >

Wednesday fact sheet IPSER Nutrition for Body and Soul

It is generally known that fast food is unhealthy. But why is that and what are the consequences of eating fast food on a regular basis? Everyone knows the popular fast food restaurants and almost everyone has eaten something there. This fast food or fast cuisine causes us to feel full in a very short time and then we are hungry again almost as quickly. Fast food contains unhealthy fats, sugar and often various flavour enhancers. The consequences of regular consumption of unhealthy food are often weight gain, states of exhaustion, and a lack of energy.   . . . > > >

Friday Pleasures IPSER -Friday 2.0

Friday 2.0 A new job is needed! I had decided this with family and friends. Because my current job caused regular arguments and stress in my private life. I was constantly annoyed and overwhelmed, I hardly had time for the people I cared about. And I was falling by the wayside myself. There was no question of a work-life balance.... It simply couldn't go on like this! Now it was time to find out what jobs were available for me near my home and I started reading print and online job offers. Exactly three offers were about what I was looking for.   . . . > > >

Wednesday IPSER fact sheet - Nutrition in the workplace

Neanderthals are considered to have been meat eaters who also ate plants. That doesn't sound like a big difference from today's humans. Nevertheless, there are differences to us: Neanderthals moved around a lot and utilised the food they ate. And - they didn't have sweets or fast food. We no longer hunt for our food, have hardly any time for shopping and often even less time for food preparation. Do you know this too? During the lunch break it has to be quick and so you like to reach for fast food. "There are a lot of vegetables in the kebab" or    . . . > > >

Friday - a reason for joy?

It's Friday..... Are you looking forward to the weekend or can't you switch off? Who doesn't know it? The indescribably great feeling of leaving your workplace on Friday evening and knowing "another week done"? The weekend is planned and the anticipation of just having to do nothing for two days is great. However, many people find it extremely difficult to simply leave work behind at the weekend and on days off. This often dampens the anticipation. That makes it all the more important to really enjoy your days off. Make plans to do things that you wouldn't otherwise do.   . . . > > >

Wednesday IPSER Fact Sheet - Work-Life Balance

Last week we told you that from now on there will be a post from us every Wednesday on the topic of "work-life balance". Literally translated, "work-life balance" means "balance between work and life", i.e. the balance between work and private life. This includes not only fixed times and activities that you do for yourself to clear your head. Healthy, balanced food and sport are just as important. By this we don't mean that you should only eat fruit and vegetables and do sport every day - even a pizza is okay once in a while. What many   . . . > > >

Easter is just around the corner

Easter as a professional
As a personnel manager, I also have four days "off" due to the Easter holidays. Having time off, in my case (as with many other women), means making preparations for the holidays. This includes shopping. Today I went to a huge supermarket early in the morning, while husband and children were still dreaming of the Easter bunny. Imagine: A car park that can hold hundreds of cars is already half full at 7.30 a.m.!   . . . > > >

How adaptive is one?

When you have problems with right and left
I'm the type of person who understands a lot of things right away and some things never. No matter how hard I try. For example, right and left. That's a phenomenon that will forever elude me. I remember my driving school days fondly, especially the test. The examiner instructed me then: "At the next opportunity, please turn right!" I unerringly put the indicator on the left and also wanted to turn left. To   . . . > > >

My home is my office

Home office, work at home, work from home
According to numerous studies, many people dream of being able to do at least part of their work in their home office. How nice it must be not to leave the house in a rush in the morning, first make yourself a coffee and then sit down at your desk in the comfort of your home and relax! Would you like more autonomy in your work schedule? [Find with us]( the right company to do so! As a human resources manager, I could definitely do some activities from home and had asked my boss from a pilot-   . . . > > >

Magic words that make life easier

Courtesy and mutual respect can make life easier on the job, many people will agree.
Did your mum also always say: "What's the magic word?" when she wanted to hear a "please" from you? And? Did this "please" always have the desired effect? It certainly worked most of the time, because who can resist the "please" whispered by their child? Why on earth doesn't this become ingrained in some people? Why is it so difficult to use the little words "please" and "thank you"? And it's better to use them once too often than too little.   . . . > > >

Everything is a matter of negotiation

Much in life is negotiable
My lunch break is about to start when I get another small order. My colleague Igor has a request for me. Since I'm probably going shopping (which I didn't know about), I'm supposed to have a cellar key made. That's no problem for me and shortly afterwards I'm standing in front of the locksmith's counter. "I'd like this key!" The employee looks sceptically at my copy and casts an appraising glance at me. I   . . . > > >

Studies and what can be made of them

Study results and an attempt to use them in everyday life
There is hardly anything in our lives for which there are no studies and surveys. Many of the results can make a lot of sense and do good, especially in the entrepreneurial sector or in medicine. As a human resources manager, I am not only responsible for our staff, but I also take care of new hires. I now had the idea of perhaps using one or the other study as an aid to decision-making and have looked at the most diverse evaluations.   . . . > > >

Is chaos creative?

Do creativity and structure go together?
My office looks like a battlefield, which is the exception in my case. Numerous application folders are piling up on my desk after a job advertisement, our IT guy is blocking my computer workstation because my computer has gone bye-bye and I myself can't get away from the phone. In the afternoon, my inner life corresponds exactly to the outer chaos and I would love to go on holiday. As I am getting into my after-work mode, the junior boss enters my office. He is the creative part of the father-son team that runs our company. He looks me deep in the eye: "Schä   . . . > > >
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