Career guide

Career guide

Tips for the job search

The number of unemployed is lower than it has been for 25 years. In contrast, the demand for labour is high and so jobseekers quickly find themselves in the position of being able to help determine the conditions of employment. The number of jobs registered with the employment agency is much larger in real terms, because companies are not obliged to advertise vacancies. Anyone who is looking for a job today as a skilled worker quickly gets concessions from companies on some parts of the job. However, many employers have realised anyway that satisfied employees are much more pro   . . . > > >
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How do you describe yourself in the job interview?

What are your strengths? Where do you see yourself in five years? - these are questions that often come up in the job interview and that many applicants prepare themselves for in advance. But what if, after the greeting, the personnel manager asks you: "Why don't you describe yourself? It can be even shorter: "Who are you?" your counterpart suddenly and unexpectedly wants to know. If you break out in a sweat at this moment and struggle for words, only to stammer "I don't know", you have lost at least this part of the interview. Who are you   . . . > > >
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Which profession has which prospects?

Career aspirations and career choices after leaving school
Pupils and parents tend more and more to prefer their offspring to take their school-leaving exams instead of doing an apprenticeship and then going to university. The number of those who prefer to be trained in a company and not continue their schooling is constantly decreasing. In the meantime, 57 percent of young people in a given year decide to go to university. Often, however, this is not a decision they make themselves from the bottom of their hearts, but rather pressure from parents who want their child to do well for once. So it is not surprising   . . . > > >
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Searching for an apprenticeship - What comes after school?

What to do after leaving school?
There are people who want to know what they want to be when they grow up, and they go through with it. But these are great exceptions. Desires change, performance at school varies and before you know it, graduation is just around the corner. A current trend among young people is that they don't know what education they want to do even in the 10th grade, and when they graduate from high school they consider going into   . . . > > >
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Part-time work and home office for parents

Is it allowed to work during parental leave? Rules and regulations on the subject of parental leave and parental employment.
When the offspring is born, you would like to work in a home office or part-time after or during parental leave. Is that possible? Working part-time with a child Even during parental leave, you can work up to 30 hours a week. In addition to the childcare that is naturally regulated for this   . . . > > >
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Back to work

Handling parental leave
Parents are entitled to parental leave. This means that the employee's employment relationship is suspended during this time and can be resumed. This parental leave - must be notified to the employer in due time, - it can be taken between   . . . > > >
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8 golden rules for successful small talk

How do you make good small talk? It's not as easy as you might think. Read our tips on how to do it!
At the beginning of the interview, there is usually a little small talk. For example, you are asked how the journey was and whether you found your way well. In contact with work colleagues or the boss, there is often just a little chit-chat out of politeness, and even with customers, a few phrases are sent out before the actual interview. But what is meant by small talk, particularly   . . . > > >
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The best day of the week to apply

What influence does the receipt of an application have on its success?
When do you write your application and when do you send it? The weekend is often used for this. You put together the documents, polish the cover letter, go through your CV again and send the application. Maybe on Sunday or you wait until Monday. Regardless of whether you send the documents by post or by e-mail. According to a large-scale study, applicants whose documents are sent on the first day of the interview have the best chance of being invited to an interview.   . . . > > >
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Wages - How much does an hour of work cost?

In addition to the pure hourly wage, numerous ancillary charges have to be paid. This is much more than one might imagine.
How much does an hour of work cost? This does not mean what hourly wage is paid, but how much an employer ultimately has to spend for an hour worked by his employees. The Federal Statistical Office has calculated the labour costs per hour worked in the EU states for 2014 based on information from the online database Eurostat (23.4.2015). What is meant by "labour costs"? This calculation is based on gross wages and non-wage labour costs, i.e. the total costs that an employer has to pay for wages and salaries. The wages   . . . > > >
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Which employees are wanted?

Are you looking for a new job? You read the job offers every day? You are unsure in which industry there are the greatest opportunities? Dekra evaluated 12,649 job offers during a one-week survey period. The study included job advertisements from a social network, 11 daily newspapers and 3 online job exchanges. Who has the most chances on the labour market, which is currently very relaxed anyway?   . . . > > >
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