Motivation on the job - who is responsible for it?

Motivation on the job - who is responsible for it?
You can always motivate yourself and need neither praise nor recognition? Congratulations! Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, many people do not feel this way and are dependent on feedback and appreciation from others. This is true both privately and at work. Many small things can already bring success to increase one's own motivation and the motivation of others. Self-motivation - easier than you think An example: Three colleagues come to work in the morning. Maria is in a good mood, smiles at her colleagues and looks forward to the day. Max already knows when he gets up   . . . > > >

Know and correctly use learning methods

Know and correctly use learning methods
"You're not studying for school, you're studying for life!" - We have all heard this phrase or used it ourselves. During school, however, most people only want one thing: to leave school behind. After school, we often mourn this time or wish we had done more. Did you know that, according to a survey by Caritas in Germany, every 20th pupil leaves school without any qualifications at all? At some point   . . . > > >

Delegate certain tasks - this is the right way to do it!

How to transfer tasks correctly and sensibly
There are people who find it very difficult to delegate tasks to others and then there are the species who would prefer to place every little thing in the area of responsibility of an employee. Somewhere in between lies the secret of proper delegation. "Delegating" means, for example, that you delegate certain tasks to someone else, thus giving up work and responsibility, saving yourself time and money.   . . . > > >

Full-time or part-time work

Advantages of part-time and full-time work
Not only women and mothers would like to work part-time. More and more men would also like to reduce their full-time job. A full-time job is one that has a degree of employment that is less than a full-time job in terms of hours. In Germany, this is on average between 35 and 42 hours per week. Most part-time jobs are found in the range between 15 and 30 hours per week. Did you know that in companies that employ more than 15 employees, you can   . . . > > >

Job contact during free time

Do you have to be available for the job at all times?
Technology makes it possible: we are available around the clock. Always and everywhere and for everyone - as long as we want and allow it. The constant glance at the mobile phone is almost compulsive for many people. You could miss something or it could be important, they argue. This can be exhausting in the private sphere, but it is also increasingly the case at work. And it is not "only" about calls, but also about the   . . . > > >

5 tips to increase productivity

Achieving more productivity by creating the right conditions
You can be busy all day without getting done what's important. That sounds a bit paradoxical, doesn't it? But it is not - especially in this day and age. Consider for yourself how much time is wasted at work alone by incoming emails, messages on social networks and phone calls. This time factor is much greater than you might imagine at first glance. How can you achieve more productivity? Just a few years ago, people thought that pressure, control and   . . . > > >

Your path to personal time management

Plan your working time sensibly
Time is precious, because none of us knows how much lifetime is available to us. Therefore, we should use this precious time properly! We spend a large and important part of our life time at work. Use your time as well as possible - [with the right job](! When we hear something about "time management", we often imagine a schedule on which every hour of our day is managed. Most of the time, the need to optimise our time will relate to the working day, but the permanent lack of time also makes itself felt in our private lives.   . . . > > >

You are what you eat - Success through proper nutrition

The right diet has much more to do with our performance and health than we sometimes think.
"You are what you eat" is a saying attributed to the German philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach (1804-1872). It is therefore an insight that is well over 100 years old. Don't worry - we don't want to recommend another new diet at this point. You will not receive any weight loss tips and you will not be   . . . > > >

Meditation and relaxation

How to schedule small time-outs in the stressful working day
Close your eyes and think about meditating. What comes to mind? You will probably see a person sitting cross-legged in front of you with their arms bent on their legs, their hands resting on their knees with their palms open upwards. This person will probably have his eyes closed and you have the impression that he is lost in his own world. If we tell you now that you   . . . > > >

Quick-wittedness can be learned

How to successfully defend yourself with words
In the workplace, one of your colleagues utters a remark that affects you personally. Instead of a quick response that makes it clear you didn't like it, you fall silent. Maybe even worse - you blush or are close to tears. After work, you think of what you could have said in reply. All of us have experienced something like this or similar. We do not react quickly enough or   . . . > > >

Good mood tips for you - remedies for bad moods

Good mood - not only at work! This is how it goes
Everything can be learned - even a good mood can be trained and promoted. You probably know the popular example of how to distinguish pessimists from optimists: For the former, a glass half full is half empty, for the latter it is half full. Behind good or bad moods is often the way we look at things. While some people were recently happy that September was still summery, others were happy that   . . . > > >

Successfully combating self-doubt

Apply confidently and successfully
You discover yet another rejection to your job application in your letterbox. It is frustrating that apparently no company is interested in hiring you as an employee. Again and again you think about the reason for this and at some point the thought has manifested itself that you don't even need to apply any more, because you are   . . . > > >

Work and family

Can work and family be reconciled?
In many families it is "career or family", because both cannot be reconciled without something or someone falling by the wayside. Usually it is the women and mothers who have to decide what their priorities are. Taking care of the family can mean looking after underage children or relatives in need of care, sometimes even both.   . . . > > >

Tips for further education

Opportunities for further training
"Knowledge is power" - the origin of this wisdom is attributed to the English philosopher Francis Bacon (1561 to 1626). "Knowing nothing makes nothing" was added to this saying in jest at some point and is unfortunately often applied seriously.... The fact is that you can and must continue your education in almost all professions so that you don't fall by the wayside. Especially in the technical and IT fields, progress is so incredibly fast that it can be difficult to keep up. Are you an expert in the technical or IT field and looking for new projects? With    . . . > > >

Practical tips for workplace design

Workplace design also includes compliance with occupational safety guidelines. Here, among other things, psychological stress must also be taken into account.
No matter where you work: The rules of occupational safety must be observed when designing your workplace. Many employers now follow the maxim that the workplace must adapt to the person and not the other way round! We do not want to go into the numerous paragraphs of the Occupational Health and Safety Act at this point, but rather give you an overview. The many and varied ones for each workplace can be found, among other things, in the Works Constitution Act, the Occupational Health and Safety Act, in the   . . . > > >

Physically fit

Mind and body form one unit, sometimes we don't realise that. Make sure that both stay healthy!
Your back hurts, your head aches and you can hardly move. You are also annoyed and would prefer not to see anyone. This is what the end of a long working day can look like. One-sided strain, stress and excessive demands take their toll physically and mentally. What to do?   . . . > > >

Time out from the job

A break from your job and a little time just for yourself - who doesn't dream of that? With a sabbatical you can make it happen!
Even if you love your work, you sometimes have the feeling that you just want to take a break. Not time off forever, but a few days, weeks or months in which you don't sink into the daily monotony. In life there are   . . . > > >

Respect and mindfulness

Pay sufficient attention to yourself and others!
A company is like a precision clockwork. As long as all the cogs turn perfectly, it works well and accurately. But as soon as just one of these cogs no longer does its job properly, the whole movement can stop. So it should be the concern of the   . . . > > >

Only 5 steps to successful self-management

Here's how to make life easier
Do you have the feeling that some things could be optimised in your everyday work? Perhaps many things would be easier and faster if you only knew how? We have put together some tips for you to make your life easier. If you take breaks, you get more done What sounds contradictory at first will help you become more productive. When you power through for hours in a row, our internal battery drains faster than we think. That is why we need   . . . > > >

Building self-esteem in unemployment

There are many things you can do yourself to strengthen your own self-esteem
You have already sent out several job applications and are still looking for a job? If you have been rejected again and again, if your unemployment has lasted a little longer and if you are now starting to doubt yourself, you should do something very quickly. In this case, work is meant, but work on yourself. It could be   . . . > > >
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