Introductions Unsolicited application

Introductions Unsolicited application

Do you despair when creating your application documents and think about what you need to pay special attention to in order to successfully apply for a job? Many other applicants feel the same way, which is why we have compiled many samples, examples and templates for you. Perhaps you are wondering if there is even THE perfect job application. We claim that there is no job application that is equally well received by all companies.

The top priorities are theCurriculum vitaeand theCover letter. The first paragraph of the application letter (after the salutation) is called the introduction. The introductory sentence, or rather the introductory sentences, decide whether there is interest in reading the entire application file. Why don't you decide for yourself which of the following introductory sentences appeals to you more?
"I would like to apply for the position advertised. I would like to start my career in your company..."
"After successfully completing my degree in Mechanical Engineering, I am looking for a challenging start to my career and am applying...".

Which sentence inspires you more to read on? Here are three of our most successful tips for writing a good application:
Tip 1Avoid using the subjunctive as much as possible in your letter of application. You do not want to apply, you are applying!
Tip 2Make the introduction - especially for speculative applications - as interesting and authentic as possible!
Tip 3Have your application documents checked by others.

You want to know more? To do so, take a look at our application templates and select the information and formulations that are best suited to your personal application.

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