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How to design a creative speculative application

Every day, countless applications land on the desks and in the electronic mailboxes of German personnel managers. From a simple short application to an elaborately prepared application portfolio. Many applications are the same, one cover letter looks like the other, the CV is visually similar for many applicants and even the application photos seem to have been taken according to a uniform pattern.

If you don't want to be one of many, you should not only think about the content and structure of the documents, but also pay attention to the layout of the application.

The cover sheet as a creative element

The cover page of the application mainly creates unique visual features. Graphic elements, a little colour and a successful photo can certainly ensure that the speculative application or the layout of the application is remembered by the viewer. But you can do even more!

Tips for designing the layout for your application

It is particularly beautiful and pleasantly eye-catching when design elements run completely through all the documents. There are numerous possibilities for this:

  • Add to a simple graphic such as a stylised semicircle at the top a graphic that has something to do with the profession. This could be a tool in a trade, a laptop in a speculative application for an office job, etc. Leave room for your creative ideas, take plenty of time and design several versions.
  • Play with subtle colours. For a job search as a biologist, perhaps green can be used, blue stands for calm and competence. Find out about the effect of colours in a quiet minute - you will be amazed at the effect you can achieve when you use the right shade.
  • You should not experiment with the font colour for the text; black or a dark shade of grey is preferable. Write the application for the new job as usual and only get a little creative with the formatting at this point. (Create variety with paragraphs and bulleted lists). Headings, in turn, can become more eye-catching.
  • Your application photo offers many creative possibilities. Discuss with the photographer what effect you want to achieve - he or she will shoot you accordingly. Most of the time you will use a colour photo, sometimes a black and white photo is a great element. You can use frames, mirror all or part of the photo or even create a photo spread (as in our corresponding sample).

Creativity or simplicity - which is the right way to go with a speculative application?

There is no blanket answer to this, because the choice for the design of your application documents depends on the industry you work in, your profession and what suits you and your personality

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