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Steps to a successful speculative application


1. You send us the filled in contact form along with your application documents incl. references.

We review everything to determine whether cooperation is possible. If this is the case, the contract is concluded – our fee is strictly performance-based.

optimieren Ihren Lebenslauf

2. We optimize your CV to make it more appealing to potential employers.

We optimize your application and send it to companies in your line of business in the locations you specified.

positiven Antworten

3. Any positive responses to your application will be forwarded to you immediately and

you can decide which companies you’d like to conduct job interviews with.

Wir gratulieren

Congratulations – you’ve found a new job!

Payment is not due until 6 weeks after you begin your new job.

Fast track your success
We want to show you what opportunities in finding a new job present themselves when collaborating with IPSER.
freie Stellen veröffentlicht auf Jobbörsen
in gefunden
verdeckte, freie Stellen durch IPSER
diese sind für Sie nur mit unserer
exklusiven Initiativbewerbung erreichbar.

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Advantages that you gain with our speculative applications


Without hidden or additional costs.

Our fee becomes due only if you have been successfully placed.


Our guarantee to you

Our placement fee will not become due until you have sent us a signed employment contract.


Free-of-charge for those who are currently unemployed!

If you have a valid placement voucher, the Agentur für Arbeit (JobCenter) will pay for our services!



In the event that you are paying for our services yourself, you can deduct the costs from your tax burden.

Frequently asked questions

About us

Our goal - is helping you find the job of your dreams

IPSER – a certified, private job placement agency – has successfully placed over 2500 people nationwide following a speculative application since1999.

We offer success-oriented placement: Our goal is your new workplace.

The added value that arises from cooperation with IPSER is the perfect organization of your speculative – or unsolicited –application.

Included services:

  • optimization of your application papers (practical tips)
  • fully-automated transmission using our software
  • setting up of job interviews (at your discretion)

Benefit from our extensive practical experience. Many clients before you have placed their trust in us. We will make templates and advice from our long years of practice available to you.

Our superior technical standards allow us to process your speculative application quickly and reliably.

Via XING or LinkedIN , you can directly contact clients we have placed and find out more about our services.

We would be happy to make available client feedback for you here.

Our successes

Highest number of job interviews per application: 83 job interviews – in one month – in response to a single unsolicited application (in the area of marketing)
Quickest job offer thanks to an unsolicited application: An employment contract that was signed within just 3 business days
Highest number of job placements in a single year in response to speculative applications:: 291
Highest number of jobs found in one month in response to speculative applications:: 52
Highest monthly salary attained by a freelancer based on a speculative application:: 10.400,-
Highest freelance project fee attained following an unsolicited application:: 334.990,-
Highest monthly salary achieved for a permanent contract following an unsolicited application:: 8.700,- €

How it all began – The IPSER Story

Truth is stranger than fiction – just ask IPSER.

Egon Wahnsiedler –the founder of IPSER – started working as a private job agent in 1999 following the standard procedure: Selecting the right candidates for specific job openings in companies.

The “Speculative Application Project” began with a young woman’s frantic search for a job

At the time, there were no publically-advertised openings that matched her particular skill set. Herr Wahnsiedler remembered recently hearing the term “speculative application” and began to immerse himself in this topic.

He decided to do some research on the Internet and found 80 relevant companies to which he sent Heidi B’s job application. And then he eagerly awaited the results. In the end, there was positive feedback from three of the companies which entailed two interviews. Not long afterwards, Heidi B. was delighted to be able to sign an employment contract.

Remarkably, the job that Heidi B. found wasn’t clear across town. In fact, it was in the same district where she lived – just a few streets from her home.

The perfect job. So close and yet – without the unsolicited application – she never would have found it.

What are the odds of this occurring in a metropolis like Berlin? On the basis of statistics, Herr Wahnsiedler found out later that 60% of all openings are hidden and thus not publically advertised at all.

Herr Wahnsiedler viewed this as a stroke of fate. He decided to embrace the challenge posed by speculative applications to bridge the gap to the hidden job market.

Successful – In the meantime, IPSER has been able to place over 2500 people in new jobs by means of speculative applications.

How do job placement services work?

You send us your application. We check to see whether collaboration is possible. We send you our contract documents. Jointly with you, we prepare your speculative application. With your permission we send your speculative application. We process your emails and forward the positive responses to you. You conduct job interviews and then select the best employment contract. You have a new job!

We place people in jobs nationwide. But how is the field of companies narrowed down?

Companies are selected based on zip codes and branches of business. Depending on the type of business, we limit companies by the first digit of their postal code. Narrowing companies down further may be done on a case by case basis.

Which documents will IPSER need from me?

To successfully place you, we need a cover letter, CV and your two most recent reference letters. We also need to know if you have a valid placement voucher.

Will my current employer find out about my application?

Absolutely not. Utmost discretion is guaranteed! You decide who receives your application. Moreover, you have the option of drawing up a black list of companies that you want to exclude from the beginning.

What about private job placement?

If you are not entitled to a job placement voucher, you have the possibility of paying for our job placement services privately.

How high is the commission – or fee – for private freelance job placement?

We charge ten percent of your gross annual invoiced amount.

Will my future employer cover the job placement fee for me?

Only in individual cases will an employer reimburse you for job placement fees. We offer an installment-payment method (see above).

How much should you expect to invest for private placement services?

Costs arise only if we are able to successfully place you. No additional costs apply. The first installment is not due until 6 weeks after you take up work. Your investment for private placement services is just one gross monthly salary, which you pay in 10 monthly installments. If the employment relationship ends prior to this 10-month period (during the probation period, for example), your monthly installments also come to an end at this point in time. When you file your tax return you can claim the placement commission as a professional expense against tax.

Cost accounting

Our fee is individually calculated; it corresponds to the future monthly salary and can be paid in ten monthly installments.

You only have to pay if we successfully place you in a job. The first installment is not due until six weeks after you begin your new job. If you are fired beforehand, the installments are discontinued.

Anticipated gross monthly salary / professional fee:
Costs for our services:  per month (10 monthly installments)

Contact clients
XING, LinkedIn – that we placed in jobs so you can share your experiences.