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What is a initiativ application? Three steps to your dream job!


1.You send us the completed contact form and your application documents including references.

We check whether a cooperation is possible. After a successful examination, the contract is concluded - our fee is exclusively success-oriented.

If we were unable to help you find a new job, we will offer you a free consultation and provide you with a training video.

optimise your CV

2.We optimise your CV so that your application appeals to employers.

We optimise your application documents and you send them to the companies - adapted to your industry and location.

positive answers

3.You will immediately receive the positive responses from interested employers directly and

You decide which company you want to interview with.


Congratulations! You have a new job!

The due date for payment does not begin until 6 weeks after the start of work.

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Your advantages with our speculative application


Without hidden or additional costs.

Our fee is only due after a successful placement.

Guarantee promise

Our guarantee promise

Our fee is only due once you have sent us a signed contract of employment.

free of charge

For the unemployed - free of charge!

If you have a valid placement voucher, the employment agency will pay for our services!



If you pay for our service privately, you can claim it in your tax return.

Very frequently asked questions about speculative applications

What is speculative application?

With a speculative application, you apply for jobs for which there is no public advertisement. You do not have to adapt to any company requirements, you only arouse the interest of employers with your personal profile. On the hidden job market you will find jobs and projects that cannot be found in advertisements and job fairs. (Incidentally, this is up to 65 % of all vacancies on the market.) This is exactly where your speculative application with IPSER comes in: We place your application on the hidden job market. Fast - effective - successful.

How does the mediation process work?

You sendsend us your application documents. We checkwhether cooperation is possible.We sendour contract documents to you.  We prepareprepare your i-application together with you.Youcheck and start the dispatch.You editthe positive feedback.You leadthe interviews and select the best employment contract.You have a new job!

We mediate nationwide, but how does the narrowing down of companies work?

The selection of companies is possible according to postcode areas and industries. Depending on the branch selection, we can guarantee a binding location restriction according to the first digit of the postcode. of the postcode. We will check further restrictions individually.

What documents does IPSER need from me?

In order to place you successfully, we need a covering letter, CV and the last two references. We are also interested in whether you have a placement voucher.

Will my current employer find out about my application?

No. The utmost discretion is a must! Only you decide who gets your application. You can also create a "blacklist", on which certain companies are excluded from the outset.

What is a private placement?

If you are not entitled to a placement voucher, use a private placement service in this case.

How much is the commission for a private freelance placement?

We charge a total of ten percent of the gross invoice amount for this.

Does the future employer pay the private placement fee?

Lediglich in Einzelfällen übernimmt der Arbeitgeber die Gebühr für die private Vermittlung. Dafür ist ein Ratenzahlungsmodell vorgesehen (s.o.)

+ 50€
from 31.12.2021
until 31.07.2022

Win + Win =
100 € premium for the recommendation
+ 50 € discount for successful referral for the recommended person.Learn more

Feedback on the speculative application

Dragan L.
Dragan L.

Don't wait any longer and take the decisive step into a new future! Our qualified labour market managers are at your side! Mr Dragan L. found his new job with us:

   . . . > > >
Y. Kroner
Y. Kroner
  • The most important thing in three sentences:

  • With theUnsolicited applicationconquer thehidden job market
  • With IPSER, you can find companies and jobs that remain hidden from others.
  • Actand do not limit themselves to reacting

What is a speculative application?

You are probably familiar with the usual procedure when you are looking for a new job. You carefully browse through print advertisements and job exchanges and hopefully apply for the vacant job with your application documents to the companies that have advertised there. This is called a classic job application.

In contrast, with a speculative application you apply for a job without a specific job offer. With a speculative application, you approach companies on your own initiative. In other words, you are the active part that takes the initiative to find a job. Experience shows that this method is much more successful than the classic application. (We will explain why later).

In the cooperation with IPSER, thei-Applicationis used. In principle, it is similar to the speculative application, but it has much moremore successand is particularly easy for our customers.

Unsolicited applications and i-applications are placed on the hidden job market. But what is meant by the covert job market?

The covert job market

Did you know that on theCovert job market up to 60 per centof all job vacancies are to be found? On the other hand, 80 - 95 percent of all job applicants are looking for their new job exactly here. So most jobseekers are active where the fewest job vacancies are to be found. This is a great imbalance, but one that holds many opportunities. You are probably wondering why this is and what it means for people looking for a new challenge. We explain how this happens and what potential the hidden job market can have for you.

Only about 40 per cent of all companies that have a job vacancy make it public. They place advertisements, operate job fairs or advertise vacancies on the company's own homepage. However, such an application process is a lot of work. An advertisement has to be formulated and published, incoming applications have to be sorted and sifted. Then a first selection procedure has to take place, rejections are issued and invitations to interviews are sent out. This is followed by interviews and again a selection process. If you consider that a company sometimes receives several hundred, sometimes even more than 1,000 applications, you can roughly imagine this immense amount of work. It means a lot of stress and weeks of work. This also explains why recruiters often only have a few seconds to sift through an application. That is why they often refrain from publicly advertising a vacancy. What happens instead?

Many companies rely on finding new employees through internal recommendations. Sometimes they post their needs on social networks or they find new employees through incoming unsolicited applications. So, theoretically, 60 per cent of vacancies should be filled in this way.

The covert job market

Let us summarise:

TheMost applicants apply in the traditional way. This means that with their application they are competing againstnumerous competitors / rivalshave to assert themselves.

On the other hand, not even half of all companies assign their jobs in this way. So it's easy to work out why the chances of finding a job here are relatively low. And how great the chances of rejection and frustration and stress are for job seekers. Anyone who has ever looked for a job knows the feeling when another negative reply to one's application arrives. At some point you feel worthless and desperate. Do you also wonder why you, of all people, don't get a job? It doesn't have to be your fault.

PlaceYour unsolicited application on the hidden job marketit may well be thatYour speculative application or i-application at exactly the right timearrives unrivalled. Imagine that you are the only applicant here and take the scenario that hundreds of other application folders arrive at the same time as your application. Where would your chances of finding a new job be better? (The i-application with IPSER increases these chances even more).

Preparation of your speculative application

Of course, you will take care of a favourable application photo. This should be taken by a professional and under no circumstances should it be a picture from your private collection.

You must include all attachments to the application such as Testimonials and certificates and scan them into your computer as a PDF file.

For the common speculative application you first have to invest a lot of work (in contrast to the i-application). The magic word here is "research". You have to find companies that are suitable for you. The industry must be right, as must the proximity to your home (unless you are willing to move). Next, you should look at the company profile and find out who to contact for applications.

Then it's time to write your individual cover letter. Put "speculative application" in the subject line and add what you are applying for. Put your previously identified contact person in the salutation. Create a truly individual introductory sentence that arouses interest in reading your speculative application. It has proven successful here if you create a reference to your own person in the cover letter. For example: "Even as a child I was fascinated by technology. I wanted to know how everything worked and was very hungry for knowledge. This feeling lasted and so I decided to study mechanical engineering." Many introductory phrases are totally trite and should not be used. These include: "I hereby send you an unsolicited application" - or "It is with great interest that I apply to your company today." Even worse is: "I would like to apply to you." There are many things to avoid in this short sentence: 1) Start as few sentences as possible with "I" - but definitely not the introductory sentence. 2) "I would...." The subjunctive (form of possibility) has no place here. Would you just maybe want to apply or do you have the firm intention to apply? 3) It is clear from the subject line that you want to apply. Why repeat that and bore others with it?

In the cover letter of the speculative application itself, you should establish a reference to the respective company and, if applicable, go into its orientation and guiding goals. You should list qualifications and skills in the cover letter in bullet points - this increases the overview. For illustration purposes, we provide you with many Unsolicited Application Sample and Templates to Cover letter,  Curriculum vitaeCover page and all other documents are available.

Preparation speculative application

Recommendation / checklist for the structure of your speculative application cover letter from top to bottom:

SenderName, address, e-mail, telephone number (if applicable)


Subject line: "Speculative application", "Application" or "Speculative application as....".

Salutation: Researched contact person or "Dear Sir or Madam,".

Introduction: The first sentence must fit, arouse interest and be individual

Middle sectionPresentation of skills and qualifications (preferably in bullet points) and reference to the company

Final partInformation on starting work, willingness to move etc. and expression of interest in a personal interview

Greeting: "Yours sincerely"

Signature (also as scan)

PS - Optional



For the formatting of your cover letter, please refer to DIN 5008. This standard provides very good guidance for the correct line spacing etc.

In any case, please avoid giving details twice and three times in your speculative application. It is not necessary and even counterproductive if a qualification appears with the same wording in the cover letter, CV and profile. Sometimes you will find a reference to the CV or other attached documents in cover letters. This is not necessary. Always put yourself in the position of the person reading your documents and ask yourself how he feels when he looks at them. Are they bored or curious to see what else the applicant has to offer? After all, he wants to be offered something new in the CV & Co. after the cover letter.

The structure and scope of your speculative application

A speculative application does not differ from a classic application in terms of the documents. You always create an appealing cover letter (see our sample) and your application. tabular curriculum vitae (we have many templates for you). Optionally insert Cover page  a Qualification profile and a Certificate overview added. Of course, everything will be error-free and your information will correspond to the truth. All parts of the application portfolio should form one unit in terms of layout.

However, there are differences in content. When you apply for a traditional job advertisement, the employer has certain requirements. For example, in the job advertisement, the employer may want you to have excellent knowledge of a certain software or several years of professional experience. At best, this should be at least partially reflected in your cover letter or CV. Did you know that it is mostly women who do not apply if they cannot fulfil all the requirements 100 per cent?

With a speculative application, you do not have to meet such requirements. On the contrary - you send the company your unadjusted profile. This way, the employer knows at a glance what to expect and you don't have to worry that one thing or another might not fit one hundred percent. The company will invite you for an interview if they are interested in you precisely because of your authentic application. You yourself know that you have scored with your qualifications.

The CV is the heart of your application, the cover letter is advertising for you and the qualification profile should always be found in applications in the IT sector and in .........

As a private employment agency, we experience time and again that it is a good feeling for jobseekers that with their speculative application they take on the part that is active and that does not have to conform. This contributes to self-confidence.

Structure Scope Unsolicited application

Your entire application portfolio- so all documents fromCover letter, curriculum vitae, short profile and overview of referencesto your testimonials and certificates must be combined into a PDF file at the end. Please remember to choose a file name that the recipient can understand. It makes sense to write your first and last name in the file name. Please pay special attention to the size of the file. It should be Do not exceed 1.5 MB. Files that are too large often do not reach the recipient because they are sorted out or end up in the spam folder. There are good tools to reduce the size of attachments.

Apply on your own initiative with the i-Application

You now know what a speculative application is, you know the structure of the cover letter and CV, you know how to design these documents and you have learned a few things you should pay attention to. IPSER offers its customers the successful "i-Application" model. This is much easier for you than the usual speculative application and you save a lot of time and nerves. How does it work?

Speculative application i-Application

There is one thing we cannot do for you: The creation and compilation of your application documents. You write your cover letter in a somewhat general way and without a contact person, as you want to address up to 1000 companies with it. Your CV is identical in structure - it can therefore remain as it is. When writing your CV, you should always make sure that it is in tabular form, that it is structured chronologically and that there are no unexplained major gaps. If you need any suggestions and tips, please feel free to use the appropriate Initiative advertising sample or an interesting template.

Probably your Disks for speculative applications write a little differently. But that is also the only thing you have to do when working with IPSER until your interviews. Our service:

  • We optimise your unsolicited application. This means that our team will look through your documents and make any necessary improvements. We may correct one or two mistakes, give your application an attractive layout, make recommendations for changes or have other tips for you.
  • Once your application is ready, you will receive it for approval before it is sent out.
  • You have to select in which sectors you want to apply and which postcode area is suitable for you. You can also exclude companies that should not receive your application.
  • Our huge database of more than 1 million employer addresses is now used to select who will receive your unsolicited application.
  • Your application will be sent fully automatically in the shortest possible time.
  • We process all incoming feedback.
  • You will only receive positive messages from companies that want to get to know you.

From the beginning of the cooperation with our clients to the first interview, not much time passes. Our record is 3 working days from sending the application to the personal interview at the company. No waiting for weeks, no frustration about rejections, quickly to the desired success.

Comparison of classic application, speculative application and i-application

Comparison Application Unsolicited Application

Let us summarise all the information and facts presented so far. This way you can easily see the advantages and disadvantages of each form of application.

 Classic applicationUnsolicited applicationi-Application
Prospects of successLow, as a large number of applications are received for a single position.Quite good chances, as your application may well have a unique selling point at the time it reaches the company.Very good. With a single application, you will reach a large number of companies that may be interested in exactly your profile.
Work effortVery high. Job advertisements and job exchanges have to be searched. You have to find companies for which you have a suitable profile. You have to research each company and formulate your cover letter appropriately.High.
The task is to find companies that fit the bill in terms of their industry and proximity to home. Contact persons have to be found, one has to familiarise oneself with the company profile in order to be able to write a suitable cover letter.
You write an interesting cover letter. compile your application documents and hand the result over to IPSER.
Specific job offeryesnono
Companies reachedOnly a few companies that have placed matching advertisements.Several companies (depending on how much time you can invest)Up to 1,000 companies without additional effort for the applicant
ResultPredominantly rejections, as there is only one vacancy for which many jobseekers apply.Mixed results: rejections, inclusion in the companies' job pool, some personal interviews.Positive: IPSER customers do not have to fret about rejections, but come to thePleasure, only positive answersto obtain.

Mistakes to avoid

There are many things that could arouse the potential employer's displeasure and ultimately lead to your application ending up in the rejection pile. Some of the things we are about to list will certainly be familiar to you, while other tips may offer something new. The fact is that some mistakes simply cannot be tolerated, while you can turn a blind eye to one or two others.

Incidentally, large companies are increasingly using AI (artificial intelligence) to screen applications. In this process, certain algorithms are specified that can lead to the exclusion of documents without a recruiter ever having seen them. These can be certain keywords, but also job profiles or individually defined quality criteria. AI can also be used in job interviews to evaluate language, body language, facial expressions and gestures, for example.

Back to the mistakes you can avoid:

  • Spelling and grammatical errors in the speculative application. This is something that is really avoidable. On the one hand, every writing programme has an automatic spelling and grammar correction, which you can also set and adjust individually. Secondly, you should always have a third person proofread your application documents. (Or work together with the job consultants from IPSER who take over this task).
  • The subjunctive in the cover letter"I could start with you at short notice". Or "I would look forward to your invitation to a personal interview." Also often used: "I would certainly be an enrichment for your team! This does not sound confident and gives room for reflection. Can the applicant start at short notice or could he/she perhaps? Would he/she be happy if there is an invitation for an interview or is he/she really looking forward to it?
  • Egoism - When one sentence after the other begins with "IWhen a person starts off with a question, it speaks either for merciless self-absorption or a lack of understanding of the language. Neither is good for a speculative application. Sometimes it is simply enough to rearrange the sentence in question a little or write it differently. Instead of "I completed my Master's degree at the model university", it could read "I completed my Master's degree at the model university.
  • E-mail addressYour own e-mail address should be a legitimate one. It is best to set up a dedicated email address in case you send your unsolicited application yourself. (If you work with IPSER, we will also do this for you).
  • PhrasesThere are phrases that run through the majority of applications like a common thread. Avoid hackneyed phrases such as "I am applying to you with great interest" or "You are looking for a new employee? Now you've found her."
  • List of soft skillsThe majority of applicants are team players, good communicators, reliable and able to work under pressure. These are qualities that employers appreciate, but on the other hand they are boring to list. Rather work with examples and explain how and when you have proven yourself with which soft skills. For example, how about: "In the past few years, I have successfully increased the turnover of my department due to my teamwork and communication skills.
  • Novel as a cover letterAs a rule, the cover letter for a speculative application should not exceed one DIN A4 page. If you realise that you have much more to say than fits on this one page, outsource your skills and knowledge to a separate profile. (We will be happy to provide you with templates and samples of profiles).
  • State your salary requirement without being asked to do so: We recommend that you only state your salary expectations in your application if the employer expressly requests this in the job advertisement. In principle, this does not apply to speculative applications, but many applicants still write their salary requirement without being asked. You may ask yourself why this is not a good thing. It could be that you are selling yourself short or that you are scaring them off with an excessive salary requirement. It is better to wait for your interview for this topic.
  • Gaps in the CV: There are small gaps in the CV of a few days or weeks that do not need to be explained. You should be able to account for larger gaps.
  • Use of a template or pattern that you copy & paste and only insert your personal data. Each pattern and template is intended to serve as illustrative material and to help you find ideas.
Error unsolicited application

A difficult point in a speculative application is strengths and weaknesses. What should you reveal and what is better kept to yourself?

Our tips for this: You have to point out your strengths. But not arrogantly and exaggeratedly, but factually. "Throughmy outstanding knowledge in the field ofXY I am certainly the best applicant for a job in your company". That sounds conceited, even if it may correspond to the facts. But you can also formulate it differently. Maybe like this: "My knowledge in the field of XY is excellent, I will use it profitably in your company.

What are your Weaknesses? Perhaps you will be asked this question in the Interview posed. You need to prepare for this and be aware of how you will react. However, you should not thumb your nose at the employer in your cover letter. "I don't know English" or "My knowledge of MS Office is below average." These are facts, but you should not state them without being asked. If you have to confess "I don't know English" in a job interview, you can put this weakness into perspective. "I don't know English, but am of course willing to acquire the necessary skills."

Advantages of the i-Application with IPSER

Advantages speculative application

So you can do a lot of work with your application, regardless of whether you apply classically or on your own initiative. (You can help yourself to our tips, you will find a sample or template for almost everything). However, please do not use a sample or a template faithfully, as this will attract attention and will not indicate that you have taken the initiative. However, you can also easily be successful with the i-application with IPSER.

We have already explained to you what our service entails. But what do some of our more than 3,500 satisfied customers who have found their new job with our concept over the past 21 years think?

Mr L. summarises his experiences:

The "efficient distribution of my application" has inspired him. On the number of interviews he was eligible for: "all of a sudden I got so many chances to interview" How long did the application process take? "Within a month I got positive responses

Another customer says:

"For me personally, this form was very good. An interested employer approached me. In various interviews, I found out that this form of application also appeals to employers."

As we all know, many roads lead to Rome. What is the best way to a new job? The speculative application! You may not believe in success, but it is worth taking a closer look at the principle. Before her successful placement, even Ms Ljubica M. could not imagine that she would one day be so enthusiastic. Here is her feedback:

"I would like to give you a short feedback on my experience with IPSER. I had paid little attention to the speculative application before this campaign, as I would not have thought that there was more potential for recruitment here than with a targeted application for an advertised position. Now I can only say that it's a pity I didn't take this route earlier. Positive feedback came in at once and I was in talks every day for 14 days - by phone, via Skype and in person. That is very motivating. The fact that the negative feedback is intercepted by you has certainly also had a positive effect on the psyche. Some came by post, but I took that very well, because I would hardly have found time to fit in more interviews. In fact, I wish I had gone this route 2 - 3 months earlier, so I would have had more time to choose. I am happy with my current job and I am excited to see how everything will develop. Due to the time constraint - I was registered unemployed and my placement voucher expired at the beginning of January - I couldn't really dare to wait for further offers - first come, first signed. My experience with you as a mediator is very good and therefore I do not rule out starting another initiative campaign with you later - being able to choose from the position and bringing better negotiation bases with me. Thank you very much for your support! Best regards"

You can find feedback from our customers and numerous reviews as well as various samples and many a template for your documents on the social networks.

In addition to the private employment agency, we offer you numerous Tips  Samples and templates for speculative applications If you have any questions, our team is at your disposal in various ways. Feel free to contact us via our contact form, by e-mail, by telephone, via WhatsApp or our profiles on social networks.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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